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FAQ – Admissions Questions
What are the admission requirements for the  Certificate programs?
Hawthorn welcomes students who have graduated from high school or who have earned a GED to be considered for enrollment to any of the Certificate Programs at Hawthorn. If an applicant has not reached the age of 18, signed written consent for Hawthorn enrollment must be received by the applicant’s legal guardian. Applicants may apply for a scheduled term start, or for open enrollment admission at any time between terms.
Basic computer proficiency, access to the Internet, and E-mail are required. Complete and return the online application. A non-refundable application fee of $60 will be charged. Your application will be reviewed and qualified applicants will be contacted.
* Applicants to the WISE Traditions Nutrition Certificate (WTNC) program must additionally be members of the Weston A. Price Foundation and will incur membership fees.
What are the admission requirements for the master programs?
The master degree programs at Hawthorn require a bachelor’s degree from an appropriately approved or accredited institution. Basic computer proficiency, access to the Internet, and email are required. Refer to the admission section or the Hawthorn catalog for required documentation.
What are the admission requirements for the doctoral program?
To be considered for the doctoral program in holistic nutrition at Hawthorn University, applicants are required to have a baccalaureate degree and a master’s degree in nutrition or allied field. Applicants who already hold other master’s level or doctoral degrees in other health profession, such as an MS in Nursing, DC, ND, MD, or veterinary medicine may also apply. Basic computer proficiency, access to the Internet, and email are required.
What prerequisites are required for the doctoral program?
Applicants should have already completed prerequisite course work in anatomy and physiology, research methodology, whole foods nutrition, macronutrients, and micronutrients. If you already have a master’s degree but do not meet all these requirements, we encourage you to apply so that we may evaluate which prerequisite coursework you need to fulfill. Many of these courses may be taken through the Hawthorn master’s level curriculum or you may take them at a local college for transfer credit.
Do I need a bachelor’s degree for the NC program?
Hawthorn University’s Nutrition Consultant Certificate program is a comprehensive training program designed for individuals who want to practice clinical nutrition but do not have a Bachelor's degree. To enter the Nutrition Consultant Program you need a high school diploma or GED. You are not required to take college entrance exams.
Can graduates of the NC program enter the master’s program?
Students who enter the master’s program must have a bachelor degree. At the present time, Hawthorn does not offer a bachelor’s degree. Upon graduating from the Nutrition Consultant Program students will be certified by Hawthorn as Nutrition Consultants.
What are the admission requirements for the CE program?
Students interested in enrolling in Basic Biochemistry (BIO101) or any Continuing Education (CE) course are required to have a minimum of a high school diploma or a GED.
The application for admission to a CE program is very simple. Students need not pay an application fee or submit an official transcript or letters of reference. Demographic information and a photo ID are the only requirements.
How do I obtain an application?
The application process and an online application for admission can be found by clicking on the Application link at
What are the admission deadlines?
Although Hawthorn does have designated start dates, students may begin their studies at any time that their enrollment is complete. Scheduled admission deadline and start dates can be found in the admission section in Hawthorn's Academic Calendar. There are no additional fees for students who choose the Open Enrollment option.
Can you sign up for school at any time?
There are four scheduled start dates each year at Hawthorn University. Students wishing to begin on a specific start date must be sure to submit their application and required documents by the deadline.
However, Hawthorn recognizes and understands that students may wish to begin their studies at various times throughout the year. Once approved for acceptance, students interested in early enrollment may request immediate admission.
Can I fax the application items to Hawthorn University?
Applications should be completed online or mailed along with a $60 non-refundable application fee. Online applicants will be billed with an online payment option. Letters of reference and a copy of the driver’s license can be uploaded online.
Mail To:
Hawthorn University
Office of the Registrar
PO Box 275
Whitethorn, CA 95589
Fax To:
(866) 771-9433
Official transcripts must be sent directly to the Registrar’s office.
Can I waive the TOEFL requirement?
Hawthorn University does not provide English as a second language instruction. Hawthorn University requires prospective international students to have an academic background equivalent to an education in the United States. International students must demonstrate competency in English and may be required to take the “Test of English as a Foreign Language” (TOEFL).
All courses are conducted in English. The minimum TOEFL (paper test) score for NC is 500, 530 for the MSHN and MHNE programs, and 550 for the DSC program. The minimum iBT score for NC is 61, 71 for the MSHN and MHNE programs, and 80 for the doctoral program.
Do I need to take an admission’s test or the GRE?
There is no admission test or GRE required by Hawthorn University.
What is the application and enrollment process like at Hawthorn?
The application process for the Certificate programs and the degree programs is a multi-step process that typically takes 2-3 weeks to complete. Additional information concerning the application requirements can be found in Admissions (
The application process for Continuing Education courses is also outlined in the Admission’s ( section of this website. Students interested in these courses do not pay an application fee or submit transcripts or letters of recommendation. However, demographic information is required on the CE application and a photo ID must be submitted.
How do I register for courses?
When you are enrolled, you will receive access to the student website that will provide directions for registration and other Hawthorn policies. Generally, after you complete a course and receive a grade, you request the next course on the student learning platform. This is a relatively easy and simple process that is easy to navigate.
Do I need to submit transcripts from all the colleges or universities I attended?
Yes, all incoming students are required to provide all relevant official transcripts from the previous schools they have attended.
Official transcripts are to be mailed to:
Hawthorn University
Office of the Registrar
PO Box 275
Whitethorn, CA 95589
How do I send for an official transcript from my prior colleges?
Most institutions will allow you to request an official transcript via the Internet. You will have to provide the necessary information and pay a small fee for the service. You can request that the transcript be mailed directly to the Hawthorn University Registrar. If you can secure an official transcript, in person, at your school, do not open the sealed envelope and mail it to Hawthorn University, Office of the Registrar,
PO BOX 275 Whitethorn, CA 95589. Official transcripts will not be accepted if they are not received in a sealed envelope.
How long will it take to process my degree application?
Generally, the application process takes three to four weeks. However, if you are diligent and swift in submitting all the required documentation, the process could be completed much sooner.
Can I register for a course while I am going through the application process?
As soon as you have received an acceptance from the University, you will be assigned to Orientation 101. Once you have completed Orientation and have submitted your assignments, you will be able to request your first course.
Can my application be handwritten?
Your application needs to be filled out and submitted online. Written applications are not accepted.
Do my letters of recommendation have to come from someone in the field of nutrition?
You can get your letters of recommendation from people outside the field. The purpose is for you to articulate to the person writing the recommendation why you want to move into this field and what you hope to accomplish. Letters of recommendation can come from colleagues or supportive friends.
Is there a form for reference letters?
There is no form for reference letters. Please ask your references to include information on why and how they feel you would benefit from a program at Hawthorn and what you can bring to the program. Any information on your interest in nutrition would also be helpful to include.
I have a bachelor’s and no background in nutrition. Can I enroll in a Master’s Program?
Yes, the only prerequisite is an earned bachelor’s degree. Academic and personal qualifications of prospective students are considered. Basic computer proficiency, access to the Internet, and email are required.

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